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OMV-C100 - пульт управления поворотными камерами

4D Joystick IP PTZkeyboard controller *
metal enclosure,
* mechanical key,
* LCD screen
* Protocol: ONVIF
* DC 12V
Pelco-d, Pelco-d, Panasonic, Hikvision etc.
RS485 control bus
Baud rate(bps): 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200


IP Keyboard Controller can be applied to installed in Multi-IP PTZ camera places, such as school, hospital, hotel, factory, workshop, etc., realize the unified control of the Onvif protocol in the LAN.

Production Instruction:

Can effectively prevent from scratching. Using industrial-grade LCD,can  display excellent  quality .Covered with a layer of rigid organic glass makes the characters more clearly. It supports Onvif protocol, high compatibility, extension IP keyboard controller adopt aluminum wire , high-end atmosphere, unique surface hardening, built-in web server configuration interface more simple and more clear, easy operate , just  few steps can control IP PTZ camera

Key Features:

  • Support Network control model, It has unique IP address.
  •  Support ONVIF protocol, realize the control to PTZ.
  •  Support Auto-search the ONVIF devices in LAN
  •  Support Offline search & add devices.
  •  Support  Max 253pcs front-end equipment in one LAN.
  •  Support many famous brand IP PTZ Coding, such as Hikvsion, Dahua,  TVT,  XM....etc
  •  Support control IP PTZ to call and set Presets, zoom, focus, Iris, Wiper and Tour functions....etc.
  •  Support adding the front-end equipment parameter in IE Browser.
  •  Japan-Original 4D Joystick
  •  160x32 blue LED display, can display IP PTZ’s status info.

Technical Parameter:

Model No.:  OMV-C100
Main Chip: Grain GM8126
RS485: 1pc 3.81 Pin, TA, TB
RS232:  1pc DB9 male pin
Ethernet:  1pc Ethernet, IEEE 802.11           b/g/n
Protocols: Onvif
IE browser:  IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari ...etc
Working Temperature:  0℃~55℃  /  14°F~131°F
Working humidity:  20% -80% (frost less)
Storage Temperature: -10℃~60℃  /  14°F~140°F
Storage Humidity:  ≤90%RH(frost less)
Size:  320mm X 180 mm X 110mm
Weight:  3KG
Power supply:  DC 12V/ 1A
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